March 13, 2010


This fox is a commission someone contacted me about earlier this year. He's an original character, and the client requested him as a present for her good friend. She emailed me reference for his colors/pattern and requested he be between 1.5 and 2 feet, but otherwise let me have fun with his design. :)

He ended up being around 7" tall and 23" long (just about two feet!). Unlike most of my other plush dolls, this guy has no beans in him so he's all squishable plush. As always, the details are embroidered and his eyes were hand painted with enamel to match the characters.


Anonymous said...

Even still, I'm truely amazed with how great each plush looks. Great work!

Jenine said...

Alyse! How cool! My mom sent me your link. I am impressed. You were always so talented. I remember you drawing when we were little and here you are now. Awesome!

Lyse said...

@ Solstice_Wind: Thank you love ;_; ♥

@ Jenine: Hey! I'm so honored you took the time to check out my silly blog. Thank you for such a kind comment. I promise I'll reply to your email asap :)