November 14, 2010

Mr. Hoot Hoot

I was recently commissioned by an individual to make a plush doll for her one-year-old niece. She requested a “chubby-round brown owl with areas of turquoise and pink”. Thus, Mr. Hoot Hoot was born.

October 23, 2010

Polka-dot Squitty

Another Squitty plush, this time of the deep sea polka-dot variety. :) Polka-dot Squitty is about 8" tall (not including his two long tentacles) and 5" wide. He's also quite the gentleman, if I do say so myself.

Polka-dot Squitty does have plastic eyes, and thus would not be suitable for very young children due to the choking hazard.

Polka-dot Squitty is currently for sale: $20

August 20, 2010

Matt Engarde

This little guy is Matt Engarde from the video game, Phoenix Wright: Justice For All. He's 6" tall and 4.5" wide. All of his details are hand embroidered (including his hair-hidden secret, shhhhhh~).

Matt Engarde is currently for sale: SOLD

July 8, 2010

Plum & Mushroom Keychains

Keychains! Two little plums and a handful of mushrooms are all that remain after my last few craft shows. They're approximately 1.75" tall and 1.5" - 2" wide (depending on the keychain). These little guys are still for sale, so please feel free to send an email if you're interested! (Tassel IS included)

turquoise/yellow mushroom is currently for sale: SOLD
turquoise/red mushroom is currently for sale: $5
pink/yellow mushroom is currently for sale: $5
pink/cream mushroom is currently for sale: SOLD
black/blue mushroom is currently for sale: $5
both plums are currently for sale: $5 (each)
baby pink mushroom is currently for sale: $5

May 2, 2010

Thank You!

Thank you to the Tekkoshocon attendees who so kindly gave my plush dolls a loving home. You guys are the best. ♥

April 12, 2010


Tekkoshocon was a huge success! Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by my table, chatted, and complimented my plush dolls. It really meant a lot to me. :)

But now, onto the photos!

Monsieur Bubblegum Squitty.

Miss Chocolate Squitty.

Roxas from the Kingdom Hearts video game series.

A bunch of the keychains! From left to right: peach, strawberry, mushroom, orange, apple, lemon, radish, plum & a few colorful mushrooms. Below are Peek and Maya Fey from the Ace Attorney video game series.

Baby Carrot. :)


Pamber & Pandacoon.

Matt Engarde, Dick Gumshoe & Maya Fey, all from the Ace Attorney video game series.

... and a full shot of my table for the weekend!

I'm sadly missing photos of "vanilla" Squitty and both of my Mr. Asparagus plushies because they were purchased before I had a chance to take any. I'm just happy they went to good homes ~ ♥

Thank you again to everyone who made this convention a wonderful time. It gave me a great idea of what to make more of and what to fade out. I'm going to take a small break from sewing but then pick things right back up for Otakon this summer.

And I want to say hello to any new visitors who arrived here from picking up one of my business cards. I'm so glad you decided to stop by! ♥

April 7, 2010

Squitty & Fruits

A preview of a Squitty plush doll and a few of the fruit key chains I made for Tekkoshocon's Artist Alley! I hope everyone will enjoy them.

March 26, 2010

In Progress

I found this progress picture from when I was designing and working on Roxas. I thought it was kind of neat to see him before any of his details were added on. Also, you can see my scribble-pad in the background where I try to figure out what expression I'll be sewing. :)

March 13, 2010


This fox is a commission someone contacted me about earlier this year. He's an original character, and the client requested him as a present for her good friend. She emailed me reference for his colors/pattern and requested he be between 1.5 and 2 feet, but otherwise let me have fun with his design. :)

He ended up being around 7" tall and 23" long (just about two feet!). Unlike most of my other plush dolls, this guy has no beans in him so he's all squishable plush. As always, the details are embroidered and his eyes were hand painted with enamel to match the characters.

March 12, 2010

Maya Fey

Another character plush doll, this time from one of my favorite video games.

This is Maya Fey from the Ace Attorney series. She's 7" tall and 4.5" wide. All of her details are embroidered, and the little magatama necklace was handmade using sculpey. :)

Maya Fey is currently for sale: SOLD


Mr. Asparagus says hello ~

Asparagus is currently for sale: SOLD


Cherries! ~ ♥ (they're really happy for some reason)

Cherries are currently for sale: SOLD


I'm a huge video game fan so I thought it might be fun to make a character plush doll. Here's my very first, Roxas from Kingdom Hearts. Everything is hand sewn and embroidered. He took me QUITE a while but was a lot of fun to make.

Roxas is currently for sale: SOLD

Orange & Strawberry

Orange and Strawberry ~ two little plush dolls I made as presents for my best friends.

Kittehs Everywhere

Here's the "kitteh" gang (from left to right): Pamber, Polo, Perpendicular & Peek.

Based of a bunch of silly cat doodles I drew, these guy range from 6 to 9 inches in height. They're a simple but lovable cat family. :)

Pamber is currently for sale: SOLD
Polo is currently for sale: SOLD
Perpendicular is currently for sale: SOLD
Peek is currently for sale: SOLD


This is Pandacoon, one of my favorite buddies. ♥

He's about 6.5" tall, 7" wide and his tail is over 25" long (great for tying him to things! As you can see from his tree picture, he loves to hang around). His mouth also functions as a pocket so he'll happily gobble anything that might need safe keeping.

Pandacoon is currently for sale: $55

Wind Up Squitty

Say hello to Squitty, a tiny squid-cat wind up toy. He's fully functional and about 2 inches in height. He'll happily move his way across any surface you put him on. :)


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I hope you enjoy your stay :)